Mini Metal Button Switch - Latching 8mm ON/OFF 2 Pin Small Round Pushbutton

This mini weatherproof Nickel plated push button is an easy 2 pin switch for a sleek futuristic look! This is a tough panel mount latching switch. Great as an on/off button. Just drill an 8mm hole and pop the switch through!

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Last Updated: 07/19/2024




This sleek illuminated metal button is a nice addition to high-end projects where you want a futuristic red illuminated button to dazzle your users. Nickel-Plated and waterproof so that it can be mounted indoors or out. Just connect 12V to the outer 2 pins to light up the Red LED ring. When the button is pressed down C1 is connected to NC1, when it is not pressed C1 is connected to NO1. This button is latching which means it will hold its position; press once to turn on and the button will remain on, press again to turn off.


  • Stainless Steel Round Metal Button
  • Button Type: SPST
  • Number of Pins: 2
  • Press down the button and it connects the 2 pins
  • Latching (when you press it, it will hold it's on/off position)
  • Threaded Hole Diameter: 8mm
  • Thread Pitch: 0.75mm
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Gasket Included for weatherproofing
  • Material: Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 0.854" (21.7mm) from solder tabs to button face
    • Button Face Outer Diameter: 0.413" (10.5mm)
    • Button Diameter: 6mm
    • Mounting Hole Diameter: 8mm
  • Current Rating: 3A
  • Voltage Rating 250VAC
  • CE & CCC Certified
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