20 Pin ZIF Socket (Zero Insertion Force)

Use this 20 Pin ZIF IC Socket to insert chips with up to 20 pins in and out of your circuits without any force! Just push the lever down to latch and pull up to release! Breadboard & Perfboard compatible.

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Last Updated: 02/26/2024




This ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) IC Socket is ideal for prototyping and testing where you need to swap your chips very frequently. When the lever is pressed down, the spring loaded contacts latch onto the inserted chip's pins; when the lever is pulled up, the chip is released.

Holds chips with up to 20 pins. Breadboard & Protoboard and Perfboard compatible.


  • IC Socket Size: 20 Pin
  • Socket Type: ZIF (Zero Insertion Force)
  • Pin Spacing: Standard 2.54mm
  • Wide Entry Area for easy IC insertion
  • Spring Loaded Contacts with Lever mechanism
  • Color: Blue
  • Width: 0.3"


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