PWM / Servo Shield for Arduino (16 Channel 12 bit I2C) Maximize

PWM / Servo Shield for Arduino (16 Channel 12 bit I2C)

This Assembled Servo Motor Shield lets you control up to 16 Servo Motors using your Arduino via I2C! Pre-assembled so no soldering is required.

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This 16 channel Servo/Pwm Shield is driven by just 2 I2C pins! When you want to control up to 16 servo motors without any wiring needed, this board is your answer. With this PWM Expansion Board you can control up to 16 PWM driven devices straight from your Arduino. Can also be stacked on top of each other to control up to 992 servos at once! Comes fully assembled!


  • I2C controlled PWM/Servo Shield for Arduino
  • Clock on board
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V - 6V
  • 6 I2C Address Select Pins
  • Stackable: up to 62 shields for a total of 992 PWM outputs
  • Max PWM frequency: 1.6 kHz
  • Resolution: 12 bit
  • Configurable Output (push-pull or open-drain)
  • Output Enable (OE) allows you to turn off all outputs at once
  • Dimensions: 2.7 in × 2.1 in (68.6 mm × 53.3 mm)
  • Onboard Features:
    • Polarity Protection
    • VCC Power Indicator LED
    • Battery Power Indicator LED
    • Optional capacitor solder point for smoothing
    • Battery Power Screw terminal
    • Prototyping Area: you can solder circuits directly onto the shield to save space!
    • Arduino Reset Button rerouted to the top of the shield for easy access
    • Wire Terminals: 18AWG - 26AWG
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