Assembled Motor Shield for Arduino

This Assembled Motor Shield lets you control 4 DC Motors, 2 Stepper Motors, and 2 Servo Motors using your Arduino. Pre-assembled so no soldering is required.

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Place this Assembled Motor Shield on top of your Arduino to control up to 4 Bi-directional DC motors, 2 Stepper Motors(unipolar or bipolar) and 2 Servo Motors from your Arduino. Just place the shield on top, connect the motor wires into the onboard wire terminals at the edges of the board.


  • Motor Voltage: 4.5V - 25V
  • Main Chipset: L293D
  • Total number of bridges: 4 (2 per chip x 2 chips)
  • Max Continuous Current per bridge: 0.6A
  • Max Peak Current per bridge: 1.2A
  • Features thermal shutdown & protection diodes.
  • Arduino Reset Button rerouted to the top of the shield for easy access
  • Dimensions: 2.7 in × 2.1 in (68.6 mm × 53.3 mm)
  • Wire Terminals: 18AWG - 26AWG
  • Arduino pins that are available / not occupied by motor shield:
    • Analog A0 to A5
    • Digital D2, D13
  • Arduino pins used by the motor shield:
    • D11: DC Motor 1 / Stepper 1
    • D3: DC Motor 2 / Stepper 1
    • D5: DC Motor 3 / Stepper 2
    • D6: DC Motor 4 / Stepper 2
    • D4, D7, D8 & D12: Latch chip (in use when using DC or stepper motors)
    • D9: Servo 1
    • D10: Servo 2


Click here to download the L293D H-Bridge datasheet.

Click here to download the Arduino Sample Code for this Motor Shield.

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