Assembled Motor Shield V2

This Assembled Motor Shield lets you control 4 DC Motors, 2 Stepper Motors, and 2 Servo Motors using your Arduino. V2 can handle higher current devices with 1.2A per bridge! Pre-assembled so no soldering is required.

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Place this Assembled Motor Shield on top of your Arduino to control up to 4 power hungry Bi-directional DC motors, 2 Stepper Motors and 2 Servo Motors from your Arduino. Just place the shield on top, connect the motor wires into the onboard wire terminals at the edges of the board.

Improvements from Assembled Motor Shield V1:

  • More Current per channel: 3A per bridge instead of 1.2A max peak
  • I2C compatible: You only need 2 control pins to drive the whole shield!
  • Stackable: You can stack up to 32 shields on top of eachother with motors on each!
  • Prototyping Area: Proto pins you can solder to right on the shield


  • Motor Voltage: 4.5V - 13.5V
  • Main Chipset: TB6612
  • Total number of bridges: 4 (2 per chip x 2 chips)
  • Max Continuous Current per bridge: 1.2A
  • Max Peak Current per bridge: 3A
  • Features thermal shutdown & protection diodes.
  • Arduino Reset Button rerouted to the top of the shield for easy access
  • Wire Terminals: 18AWG - 26AWG
  • Dimensions: 2.7 in × 2.1 in (68.6 mm × 53.3 mm)


Click here to download the TB6612 MOSFET datasheet.

Is there a datasheet? What pins connect to the motors from Arduino?
The datasheet\'s at the bottom of the page but this shield uses serial to connect to the motors so A4 and A5 / SDA and SCL pins on an uno board.
Default User Icon Josue · 11/23/2019
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Can I use this to control 2 TS1037 motors from my Arduino. The motors take 12V and I want to use a battery pack to power them because if I connect the motors straight to Arduino it will fry my Arduino.
Yep, that works. Connect the motors to M1 and M2 and the battery pack to the power ports at the bottom + and -. You can even connect 2 more to M3 and M4 if you want. I used TS1151 but I don\'t see why it wouldn\'t work for TS1037 just the same.
Default User Icon Malcolm · 11/23/2019
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