DMX Shield for Arduino

Use your Arduino in DMX or RDM networks.

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  • DMX / RDM Shield for Arduino
  • Connect your Arduino projects into DMX512 networks 
  • 3 Pin XLR Male and Female Connectors
  • Chipset: MAX485
  • Can be used as DMX Master, Slave and as RDM transponder
  • A unique RDM device id will be handed out from out range to you as well, this will make your device worldwide unique
  • Configuration jumpers:
    • Send data via Tx or Digital Pin 4
    • Receive data via Rx or Digital Pin 3
    • Hardware slave mode or Software Controlled Slave/Master via Digital pin 2 (Required for RDM use)
    • Enable Shield (Useful to disable the shield for programming if configured to use Tx and Rx pins as mentioned above)



  • DMX Library for Arduino:
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