SDR: Software Defined Radio Receiver USB Stick - RTL2832 w/R820T Maximize

SDR: Software Defined Radio Receiver USB Stick - RTL2832 w/R820T

Receive Radio signals via USB with this SDR (Software Defined Radio) USB Stick with external antenna. Antenna included.

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  • Chipset: RTL2832 with R820T
  • USB Radio Receiver
  • SDR (Software Defined Radio)
  • Suitable for use with GNU Radio software
  • Digital terrestrial TV and radio reception (DVB-T)
  • Support Windows vista/7/XP/2000
  • 800MHz CPU or above
  • 128M RAM or above, VGA Card at the least 8MB Memory, Microsoft Direct X9.0 or above, Digital Terrestrial TV Antenna
  • Special requirement for operate PIP
  • VGA Card support VMR 9
  • USB 2.0 port
  • P4 1.8G recommended
  • COFDM&FEC: Fully DVB-T Compliant,2K or 8K FFT Size
  • Bandwidth: 6/7/8Mhz Auto Select
  • De-Multiplexing, Engine, Hardware ,Stream capture: PES&TS
  • Tuner: Input terminal: 75 Ohm Din
  • Receiving Frequency: 48.25~863.25Mhz Tuning Range
  • A/V Format: Video format: MPEG-II Main Profile & Main Level. Audio format: MPEG-II Audio layer I&II 4
  • Dimensions (USB DVB-T Stick): 8.7 x 2.9 x 1 cm (approx)
  • Dimensions (Remote Control): 8.4 x 3.9 x 0.6 cm (approx)
  • Portable Antenna length: 105 cm
What type of RF connector is on this unit...??
IEC DVB-T TV PAL but the good news is it doesn\'t matter anyway since the antenna is included with the unit so you can just plug them both together. I just plugged the USB into my computer and the antenna into the USB. One and done.
Default User Icon Wayne · 05/05/2020
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