ATmega328 Chip Programmer Module Bootloader Burning Tool

Burn the Arduino bootloader and program bare ATmega328 chips directly and quickly using this ATmega328P Programmer with ZIF socket for quickly popping chips in/out for programming.

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Last Updated: 06/02/2023





  • ATmega328 Programmer Board for burning Arduino bootloader rapidly
  • It uses a locking seat ZIF socket, so the chip can easily be swapped for quick programming / burning.
  • Bootloader compatible for Arduino has been burned on it
  • You can use FT232 USB to TTL module, CH340G module, to burn the program.
  • The program, expansion shields, development environment IDE is compatible for Arduino.
  • Works with Microcontroller: ATmega328P-PU (ATmega328P-PU included)
  • Operating voltage: 5V
  • IO interface logic voltage: 5V
  • Operating Current: 500mA (max)
  • Digital I / O pins: 14 (of which 6 can provide PWM output)
  • Analog input pins: 6
  • Clock frequency: 16MHz
  • On-board test indicator LED, and the beginners can program to control it.
  • Onboard power indicator.
  • Bootloader burning Interface: ICSP
  • Programming Interface: GND, 5V, RX, TX, DTR
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