Digital Potentiometer Breakout: X9C103S

10K Digital Potentiometer Breakout Board. Arduino & Teensy Compatible.

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  • Operating Voltage: 3V - 5V
  • Chipset: X9C103S
  • Board Dimensions: 27mm x 13mm
  • Center Tap Resistance Range: 0 to 10K Ohm
  • Digitally controlled potentiometer
  • Consists of a resistor array, wiper switches, a control section, and non-volatile memory
  • Wiper position is controlled by a three-wire interface
  • Contains resistor array composed of 99 resistive elements and a wiper switching network to achieve variable resistance
  • Between each element and at either end are tap points accessible to the wiper terminal
  • Position of the wiper element is controlled by the CS, U/D, and INC inputs
  • Position of the wiper can be stored in non-volatile memory and then be recalled upon a subsequent power-up operation
  • Can be used as a three-terminal potentiometer or as a two-terminal variable resistor
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