Circular Touch Sensor - Rotary Soft Potentiometer

Detect touch using this circular soft potentiometer or SoftPot. As your finger moves clockwise or counterclockwise around the sensor, the resistance changes, just like a regular potentiometer! Perfect for scroll wheels, volume changing & more.

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Last Updated: 06/14/2024




This Circular Touch Sensor is a Linear Soft Potentiometer. It is flexible and the resistance varies depending on the location the circle is pressed. The outer 2 pins have a set resistance of 10K Ohms and the center pin's resistance changes when the circle is pressed at different spots. You can detect presses, swipes and scrolls easily with this sensor!


  • Circular Touch Sensor - Rotary SoftPot
  • Adhesive backed for easy mounting
  • Breadboard and perfboard compatible
  • Resistance Value: 10K Ohms
  • Pinout: (Same as a regular 10K Potentiometer)
    • Left & Right: 10K Ohms across
    • Center: resistance varies with touch


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