8 Bit Shift Register: 74HC595

Use this 8 Bit Shift Register to latch in data and free up pins on your microcontroller. This 74HC595 is very popular in hobby electronics.

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This 8 Bit Shift Register gives you the ability to store in 8 bits of data sent in one at a time and feed them out to 8 corresponding output pins. This is most useful for using 1 pin of a microcontroller to control 8 objects by sending the 8 signal values in serially and latching them to output the values in parallel.

Quick Getting Started Pin Hookup Explained:


  • 3 Input Pins:

    • Pin 14: Data (SER)
      • This is the pin you will send the 8 bits of data on serially.
    • Pin 11: Clock (SRCLK)
      • This is the pin you will turn on and off after each bit of data sent serially. It tells the IC when you have finished transmitting 1 bit of data and it should be stored into your 8 bit sized memory.
    • Pin 12: Latch (RCLK)
      • This is the pin you will set on when you have finished transmitting all 8 bits of data. It will transfer what you have in your 8 bit sized memory to the 8 output pins. More about the output pins below.


  • 8 Output Pins:

    • Pin 15: Output Bit 1 (QA)
      • This bit contains the last bit of data sent serially. This is the first one to get written and it's value gets shifted to Output Bits 2-8 respectively every time the Clock pin is triggered.
    • Pin 1: Output Bit 2 (QB)
    • Pin 2: Output Bit 3 (QC)
    • Pin 3: Output Bit 4 (QD)
    • Pin 4: Output Bit 5 (QE)
    • Pin 5: Output Bit 6 (QF)
    • Pin 6: Output Bit 7 (QG)
    • Pin 7: Output Bit 8 (QH)
      • This bit contains the first bit of data sent serially. For example, if you sent 8 bits one after the other, this will be the first one you sent over.


  • Power Pins:


    • Pin 16: Power (VCC)
      • This pin provides power to the chip. Give it 2V - 6V
    • Pin 8: Ground (GND)
      • This pin is Ground for the chip. Give it 0V


  • Other Pins:


    • Pin 13: Output Disable (OE)
      • When this pin is set to high, all outputs are disconnected.
    • Pin 10: Clear Shift Register (SRCLR)
      • When this pin is set to low, the values in the shift register (your 8 bit sized memory) are cleared.
    • Pin 9: The next bit to be shifted out (QH')
      • You will use this pin when daisy chaining Shift Registers to eachother (for example, to make a 16 bit shift register you'll daisy chain 2 of these chips). This pin will be the input to the next shift register.



  • 8 Bit Serial In, Parallel Out Shift
  • Operating Voltage: 2V - 6V
  • High Current 3-State Outputs Can Drive up to 15 LSTTL Loads
  • Low Power Consumption, 80uA Max
  • Typical Tpd = 13 ns
  • 6 mA Output Current at 5V
  • Low Input Current: 1uA Max
  • Number of Pins: 16
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85 C
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SN74HC595N

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