LM358 Operational Amplifier Module

This LM358 Amplifier Module has the whole DC amplifier circuit neatly mapped on a single board with variable gain. Amplify digital voltage up to 100 times! DC voltage gain of 100dB. Arduino Compatible.

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This DC Voltage Amplifier gives you the ability to amplify the voltage of a signal with ease. When digital signals from your IC circuits are too low, you can use this amplifier to boost up the voltage! Ideal for transducer amplifiers, dc gain blocks, and all op-amp circuits. This amplifier module is based on the LM358 operational amplifier which is a high-gain, frequency compensated operational amplifier designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. It is used in conventional operational amplifier circuits that need to be operated from a single power rail.

  • Operating Voltage: 5V - 12V
  • Adjustable gain up to 100x
  • On-board 10K adjustable resistor for gain adjustment
  • On-board power indicator
  • Chip has been drawn out to the main pins for direct input and output of signals
  • Onboard Potentiometer: 10K (to adjust the gain)
  • Pinout:
    • VCC: Power Input 5V - 12VDC
    • IN: Input (what you want to amplify)
    • OUT: Output (amplified)
    • GND: Ground: 0V
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 85 C
  • Chipset: LM358
  • Board Size: 32.7 x 13.3 mm

Click here to download the LM358 Operational Amplifier Datasheet.

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