Arduino Nano 33 IoT

The Arduino Nano 33 IoT provides ease of use of a Nano board with the addition of secure IoT and BT connectivity.

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Last Updated: 06/14/2024




  • The ease of use of a Nano board with the addition of secure IoT and BT connectivity
  • Small (45mm x 18mm), robust and powerful board; 3.3V variant of the Nano family. Arm Cortex-M0+ microcontroller and a pre-certified ESP32-based WiFi and Bluetooth module from u-blox
  • Clock up to 48MHz, Flash 256KB, SRAM 32KB, Secure WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity with a 6-axis IMU, ECC608A crypto chip provides IoT security. Two 15 pins connectors (one on each side) that are pin to pin compatible with the original Arduino Nano
  • Pre-certified module with external processor ensures maintaining RF compliance when writing application code.Run directly from high voltages from lead or multi-cell Lithium-ion batteries providing 3.3V power supply to peripherals at significant output current
  • On-board DC-DC power supply enables the board to be powered up to 21V maintaining high efficiency and offering a lot of current to external devices without overheating
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