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USB Watchdog Card

Automatically restart your computer after a crash / blue screen with this USB Watchdog Card. Useful for miners, servers, gamers, monitoring systems, etc.

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  • This product is designed for automatically restarting computers if a blue screen crash occurs, especially useful for mining, servers, gamers, monitoring systems, etc.
  • Suitable for a variety of computer motherboards as long as they have a standard USB port ( Type-A USB interface)
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, 10, Linux, etc
  • Adjustable reboot timeout time 10 to 1270 seconds (default is 180 seconds)
  • Needs to be used with computer watchdog software that's running at the same time, so it can precisely monitor the program as necessary
  • Manual switch for restarting manually, which will not damage your computer and protects your expensive equipment
  • Monitoring desktop software version: USBWatchdog_V6
  • Double-Relay Version
  • Specified Program Monitoring
  • Scheduled Restart
  • Website Monitoring
  • Video Card Monitoring
  • Run Log Query
  • Support Forced Power off Restart
  • Supports start up triggered when AC power comes back on
  • Size: 7x11x1.7 cm
  • Usage Instructions
    1. Download the software from the downloads tab
    2. Connect the USB Watchdog to the computer's USB port. Do not connect the pins with the motherboard reset pin yet because the default reboot time-out time is 3 minutes and if you don't finish the installation within 3 minutes, the USB Watchdog will reboot the system in the middle of your installation. Wait for the computer to finish the automatic recognization of the watchdog module before connecting the cables directly to the motherboard.
    3. Start the Software. Start the USBWatchdog_V6 , Run the software"USB WatchdogV6", if a dialog box shows: Discover Devices, it means all the connections are correct. Configure the software according to your own needs and click "Save Configuration". "Reset Timeout Setting" is recommended to be set for longer than 100 seconds, so the time is not too short and reboots continuously.
    4. Connect the cable with the motherboard's reset and power pin to complete the setup.
    5. Note: Some antivirus software may prevent the program from running, please click "allow". Watchdog software is running, the control panel LED will flash once 1 time, then connect USB Watchdog Cable with the motherboard reset pin. It means the computer has crashed when the control panel LED is steady on.
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