Single Wifi Relay USR-WM1S

Control something without even being in the room via wifi! Download the app to turn this relay on/off from anywhere! Ideal for home automation.

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Control your sprinkler system, television, lights or anything you'd like from anywhere that has an internet connection. Just connect your device's power through the relay and power the relay with a 5V adapter. Now your relay is ready to use! Download the app to your smartphone or control via webpage for a really cool remote controlled switch! Great for feeding the pets while you're away, watering plants, turning your A/C on before getting home, etc.


  • Wifi Remote Controlled Relay
  • Supports AP/STA/AP+STA
  • Supports Smartlink & Wps for fast network configuration
  • Device Password Authentication
  • Relay Outputs: Normally Open and Normally Closed (so you can either keep something normally on or normally off)
  • Built in Cron Scheduling Functions (up to 5 simultaneously)
  • Software Compatibility: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Webpage
  • Input Power:
    • 5V DC via Barrel Jack (recommended power supply: TS-779)
    • 6-24V DC via Screw terminals
  • Button extension ports (labelled KEY & GND) so you can add an external button in case you will be placing the Wifi Relay in a relatively inaccessible location. A button attached across the Key and GND ports will perform the same function as the built in button on the relay.
  • Software Download Link:
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