Dynamo Circuit Board Maximize

Dynamo Circuit Board

Build circuits that don't require batteries! Just give the Dynamo a crank and watch them power up! Make a dynamo torch, light-up robot, helicopter, propeller powered vehicle, dynamo car & dynamo light bulb!

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The Dynamo Circuit Board kit lets you build 6 projects that are fully hand-powered! No batteries required! Learn how a Dynamo generates electricity and how a circuit is connected and powered! 

6 Dynamo Powered Projects:

  • Dynamo Torch
  • Light-Up Robot
  • Helicopter Flying Propeller
  • Propeller Powered Vehicle
  • Dynamo Car
  • Dynamo Light Bulb



  • 2 Motors
  • Hand Crank Dynamo Electricity Generator Parts
  • Circuit Board Platform
  • 4 Wheels
  • 2 Axles
  • Wires with Terminals (no-soldering)
  • Terminal Caps
  • Bottle Holder
  • LED Light
  • Propeller
  • Screws & Nuts
  • Detailed Illustrated Assembly Instructions to Make all 6 Models!


Recommended for ages 8 & above.


A Clean Plastic Bottle, Tape, String and a small cross-head screwdriver are needed to complete some projects.

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