3D LED Cube Kit: 4x4x4

This kit comes with a pre-made circuit and all the parts to build a 3D LED cube! Colorful with Red, Green, Yellow, Blue LEDs.

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Solder together your very own 4x4x4 3D LED Cube with this kit. Includes Red, Yellow, Green and Blue LEDs for a multicolored LED cube. Great for cool lighting displays and fun to put together.


  • USB Powered
  • 64 LEDs arranged as a 4x4x4 Cube
  • Large amount of user programmable frames
  • User programmable via USB (creation of animation/scenes)
  • Included color: Red (you can also purchase other colored LEDs here)
  • Soldering skills required
  • USB or 9V battery powered
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 63 x 63 x 113mm / 2.5 x 2.5 x 4.45"
  • Software:
    • Create all the animations you want and share them with others!
    • Divide your animation into multiple scenes
    • Up to 234 animation frames
    • Supports basic geometric operations (shift, rotate…)
    • Save an animation or send it to the LED cube
    • Back up your animations to your hard drive
    • Software available in multiple languages (English, French, Dutch) with easy installer
    • The standard cube contains an animation with 102 frames divided in several scenes (rain, snake…)
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