12V RGB LED Strip Driver Module

Drive 12V RGB LED Strips from your microcontroller with this RGB LED Strip Driver Module. Works with analog RGB LED strips.

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  • RGB LED Strip Driver Module
  • 3 FETs on board to control each channel
  • Chipset: P9813
  • Can be daisy-chained to control multiple strips from the same 2 data pins!
  • Each controller supports up to 5 meters of RGB LED strip lighting
  • Works with:
  • Pinout:
    • LED Strip Power (from 12V power supply)
      • 12V Power +
      • GND Power -
    • Input Control Pins (from Arduino or other microcontroller)
      • CIN: Clock
      • DIN: Data
      • VCC: 4.5V - 5.5V
      • GND: GND
    • LED Strip Connector (to RGB LED Strip)
      • + Anode
      • Green
      • Red
      • Blue


Useful Arduino Library:

I have this connected between my Arduino and TS-857 LED Strip I got here: I want to add more strips now and control them all from the same Arduino, can I chain these controllers?
Absolutely. I had 10 chained together for my Christmas tree last year and it worked perfectly! Just connect the 4 little pins DO and CO to the DI and CI of the next board. My guests thought it was so cool that the tree lit up different colors in different sections. I also used an MP3 Player shield to play Christmas songs in sync with the music. It was really cool. This year, I\'m going to try making this for 3 trees in my yard so they all light up one after the other.
Default User Icon Edwin · 11/21/2019
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