High Speed Addressable RGB LED Strip 144 Pixel - 1m (Dotstar Compatible)

This is a high speed, ultra high density Addressable RGB LED strip with 144 individually addressable APA102 RGB LEDs packed on a single 3.28ft (1 meter) long strip! Control with 2 pins, Clock and signal! Arduino & Raspberry Pi compatible.

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When you need an addressable LED strip with a high refresh rate for photography, POV, etc, this is the strip for you!

Create cool lighting displays where each LED can be controlled all on it's own and turn on/off, change color and brightness by itself. Use an Arduino board to control the strip using just 2 pins just like our LED Sequins and Addressable RGB LEDs. Each LED has a chip inside it to control it's behavior on it's own which allows you to cut the strip after any single LED if you want to use a shorter length!


  • LED Type: 5050 SMD Pixel (Individually Addressable Dotstar Compatible)
  • Chipset: APA102
  • SPI Addressable with 2 pins (data and clock)
  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi Compatible (For Raspberry Pi and other 3.3V microcontrollers, be sure to use a Logic Level Converter on the Data and Clock Pins)
  • Size: Length 1 meters x Width 1.2cm x Thickness 0.5cm
  • Emitting Color: RGB (every LED can be a different color at the same time)
  • Grey Scale: 256
  • 8 bit color
  • PWM Rate: 20kHz (much faster than standard WS2812 addressable LEDs at 0.4kHz)
  • Data Input Rate: Up to 32MHz!
  • Working Voltage: 5V DC
  • LED Quantity: 144 LEDs
  • Max DC Current Draw: 8.64A/meter
  • JST Connector Pinout:
    • VCC: Red Wire, 5V
    • GND: White Wire, 0V
    • DIN: Green Wire, Data In
    • CLK: Clock Signal (pulse this pin after every bit of data sent on DIN. By using this, you can set the speed of your data transfer)
    • DOUT: Data Out (Green wire, to next strip)
  • Every LED is cuttable!

Use this power supply to power the whole strip and this controller.

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