3 Pin LED Strip Connector with Wires

Attach wire connectors to your 3 Pin LED strips even after they've been cut! This 3 Pin LED strip coupler is a solderless connector for cut addressable 3 pin LED strips!

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Last Updated: 07/14/2024




After cutting your 3 Pin LED strips to size, you can use this 3 Pin LED Strip Connector to hook them up to a cpntroller and power without soldering. Just place the strip in and snap shut for instant wires that you can hook straight up to a battery / power source and controller such as Arduino! Ideal for easily reusing already cut pieces and for making many shorter segments out of a large roll such as the 3 Pin Addressable LED Strips. Perfect for lighting professionals who want customized LED strip lengths!


  • 3 Pin LED Strip Connector with Wires
  • Number of contacts: 3
  • Pin Pitch: 4mm
  • Side A: 3 Pin LED Strip Receptacle
  • Side B: Red, Green and Black Wires
  • Snap together design to hold strip tightly in place
  • Instructions:
    • Open the plastic cover clip to reveal the metal pins inside the connector
    • Slide the bare LED strip under the metal contacts
    • Make sure the 3 metal contacts on the LED strip are touching the connector's metal contacts
    • Close the plastic cover clip to secure in place


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