Programmable Christmas Lights: Diffused RGB LED Pixels (Strand of 50) WS2811

Create an Arduino Controllable Christmas LED Light Display using this string of 50 Waterproof 12mm LED RGB Pixels with WS2811 chip inside! Control the whole strip with just 1 Arduino Pin!

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Last Updated: 07/14/2024




Create an Arduino Controllable LED Light Display! This is a string of 50 Individually Addressable RGB LEDs! Each LED Pixel contains a WS2811 chip to allow it to be controlled individually! With 2 Pin JST connectors on each end, these RGB LED Strings are easy to daisy chain to give longer lengths. They can also be cut anywhere along the length of the string for shorter portions! With 3 Wires coming in/out of each LED Pixel, just wire up Red to 5V, Blue to Ground(0V) and White to Serial Data (Data signal from the Arduino). For an Easy Pre-programmed controller to control multiple strands use this WS2801 & WS2811 Pre-Programmed Controller.


  • Red: 5V
  • White: Serial Data (Data input from Arduino Pin D2)
  • Blue: 0V

 For longer lengths, just plug the end of one strand into the next.



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