NodeMCU ESP8266 IoT Board V3 ESP-12E CH340G

NodeMCU ESP8266 V3 with CH340G serial chip and ESP-12E wireless chip. To use, install CH340G driver, use 9600bps baud rate and connect to wifi. Fits directly into a breadboard.

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  • Serial Driver Chipset: CH340G
  • NodeMCU V3 based on ESP-12E
  • Fits directly into a breadboard
  • 80Mhz 32 bit processor
  • 802.11 a, b, g and n support
  • Webserver capable
  • GPIO pins
  • Works with interrupts, EEPROM, Arduino Wire library (I2C), SPI, timers using Ticker, Servo Library, DS18B20 temperature sensors, DHT11 & DHT22 sensors, real-time clocks, etc.
  • This board is pre-flashed with NodeMCU - an open-sourced firmware with a few Lua script lines
  • Can be coded like an arduino based board or interactively with Lua scripting
  • Features a Nodejs style network API (Event-driven API for network applicaitons, which faciliates developers writing code running on a 5mm*5mm sized MCU in Nodejs style) This makes it faster than ever to write your IoT programs!
  • LoLin NodeMCU V3 Model
  • Dimensions: 2.28" x 1.22" x 0.51" high including pins (58mm x 31mm x 13mm)
  • Setup instructions:
    • Install CH340G driver
    • Use 9600bps baud rate
    • Connect to Wifi