High Density RGB LED Strip - Addressable 1m (NeoPixel Compatible, WS2812, Waterproof)

3.28 feet (1 meter) of singly addressable RGB LEDs on one strip. This strip contains 60 WS2812 RGB LEDs that are each individually addressable. Arduino Compatible. Waterproof silicone casing for outdoor use.

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Last Updated: 02/21/2024



When you want to control each LED's color and intensity individually and A LOT of LEDs, this is your solution. Create cool lighting displays where each LED can be controlled all on it's own and turn on/off, change color and brightness by itself. Use an Arduino board to control the strip using just 2 pins just like our LED Sequins and Addressable RGB LEDs. Each LED has a chip inside it to control it's behavior on it's own which allows you to cut the strip after any single LED if you want to use a shorter length!


  • LED Type: 5050 SMD Pixel (Individually Addressable Neopixel Compatible)
  • Chipset: WS2812 (Same as our LED Sequins and Addressable RGB LEDs)
  • Size: Length 1 meters x Width 1.2cm x Thickness 0.5cm
  • Emitting Color: RGB (every LED can be a different color at the same time)
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Grey Scale: 256
  • 8 bit color
  • Working Voltage: 5V DC
  • LED Quantity: 60 LEDs
  • Max Wattage 18W/meter
  • Max DC Current Draw: 3.6A/meter
  • JST Connector Pinout:
    • VCC: Red Wire, 5V
    • GND: White Wire, 0V
    • DIN: Green Wire, Data In
    • DOUT: Data Out (Green wire, to next strip)
  • Every LED is cuttable!

 Use this power supply to power the whole strip and this controller.

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