ICONX Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil 3D Laser Cut Steel Model Kit

Build the ICONX Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil steel model. Perfect gift for Game of Thrones fans! Like a 3D Jigsaw Puzzle enjoy putting together 25 steel pieces with printed instructions so you can build your own House Stark Sigil to decorate your home, desk, bookshelf, etc.

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Game of Thrones House Stark Sigil steel model. House Stark's sigil is a direwolf. They are one of the few noble houses whose words are not a boast or threat. Instead, the House Stark family motto is a warning, one that, no matter the circumstances, will always be relevant: "Winter Is Coming,"which served as a reminder of their beginnings in the wake of the Long Night and a grim portent of things to come.


  • Illustrated Instructions included
  • No glue or solder needed
  • Parts can be easily removed from the metal sheets. You may use tweezers for bending or twisting connection tabs
  • A 3D Jigsaw Puzzle made of real steel!
  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Assembled Size: 3.39"L x 2.24"W x 4.61"H (8.6L x 5.7W x 11.7H cm)
  • Ages 14 and older
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