Halo Unsc Mantis 3D Laser Cut Steel Model Kit (Rare!)

Construct an impressive steel model of Halo UNSC Mantis. Add something Unique to your bookcase!

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Last Updated: 06/22/2024




The Mantis is an all-environment bipedal walker used by the UNSC military, created for the Spartans’ MJOLNIR power armor. The Mantis weapon package consists of a M655 20mm rotary autocannon and six-chamber M5920 rocket launcher.


  • Illustrated Instructions included
  • Parts can be easily removed from the metal sheets. You may use tweezers for bending or twisting connection tabs
  • 2 Metal Sheets
  • Difficulty Expert
  • Assembled Size 3.26" x 1.65" x 2.75"
  • Ages 14+
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