Arduino Audio Shield Kit

Place the Arduino Audio Shield on top of your Arduino to record and play audio with a built-in mic and on-board buttons!

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The Arduino Audio Shield Kit is a soldering kit that will produce an Audio Shield to place on top of your Arduino UNO. Using this shield will allow you to record and playback audio using your Arduino easily!


  • 60 second recording time
  • start playback, record,… via on-board buttons or via Arduino
  • playback via a speaker or a line output
  • downloadable sample sketch and library
  • stackable design: the shield can be stacked with other shields
  • large user community


  • audio sample frequency: 8 kHz
  • uses pin 10 on an Arduino UNO board as a Chip Select
  • uses the ICSP pins on an Arduino as a serial connection to the shield to free up I/O pins
  • memory write up to 100.000 X
  • dimensions: 71 x 53mm / 2.79 x 2.08"'