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DC Controlled Dimmer

Use a DC circuit or microcontroller to dim AC lamps and other AC devices.

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  • simple brightness adjustment by means of a DC voltage
  • optically isolated adjustment input
  • pre-set adjustment for full brightness
  • suitable for incandescent lamps, mains voltage halogen lighting and low voltage halogen lighting in combination with a conventional transformer
  • "Soft start" feature to ensure lamp longevity
  • transformer protection in case of defective light sources
  • LED status indication
  • compatible with our computer interface cards: K8000, K8055


  • adjustment voltage of: 0 to 12Vdc max.
  • max. adjustment current: 2.25mA at adjustment voltage of 12V
  • suppression of radio & TV interference according to EN55015
  • operating voltage: 110-125V or 230-240V AC (50/60Hz)
  • max. load: 750W/230V or 375W/110V, adjustable from 0-98%
  • max. phase shift with inductive load: 30°
  • PCB dimensions: 3.5 x 3 x 1.6"
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